BRIDGEPORT - A plea deal has been reached with the suspect in a home-invasion case that resulted in a victim being pistol-whipped, and the deal is angering some officials.

Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez and City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron said they were angry to find out 19-year-old Derrick Williams will likely spend just two years behind bars for his alleged role in the home invasion. The Nov. 30 break-in was captured on surveillance video.

Police say after Williams and two accomplices broke into the house, he pointed a handgun at several people, including Councilwoman Herron's adult son and his children. He then pistol-whipped one of the residents a dozen times, before making off with a paintball gun and a belt, police say.

Herron says the state's attorney's office has told her that Williams will serve two years behind bars, to be followed by three years of probation.

Herron says that sentence is too lenient because of the violent nature of the crime and considering that Williams has not helped police identify the other two suspects in this case.