MILFORD - The Milford teen charged with stabbing a classmate has agreed to a plea deal in the case.

Christopher Plaskon was in court Monday morning, where he pleaded no contest to the murder charge.

Under the deal, Plaskon will serve 25 years in prison. He could be eligible for parole after 13 years.

Police say Plaskon admitted to stabbing Maren Sanchez to death at Jonathan Law High School in 2014.

Prosecutors insist the stabbing was because Sanchez refused to go to the prom with him.

Plaskon's lawyer, Edward Gavin, disagrees, saying the teen was psychotic, but says that prison is a better option than a mental ward. "The psychiatric security review board would have custody of him," Gavin says.

Sanchez's family will be able to address the judge during the formal sentencing June 6.