NORWALK - It's a snowy start to the first week of March, and while most probably looked forward to spring, plow companies are enjoying the business boom.

With gas prices down and another snowstorm on the way, plow companies, like West End Service, are feeling pretty optimistic.

Don Chiappetta, owner of West End Service, says gross revenues are up about 40 percent this year over last winter.

"It's been good," he says. "We've done very well this year."

With the storm that's expected to hit Sunday night, Chiappetta has his crew preparing for a big one.

"The storm that they say is coming now, it could be a doozy," says one plow worker.

At West End, crews spent Sunday afternoon getting ready for anywhere between 6 and 12 inches of snow. That much snow could take them more than a day to clear.

"This late in the year you should be ready for it. Just stay off the roads until the roads get cleared, let us do our job and everything will be safe and back to normal on Tuesday," Chiappetta advised.

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