STAMFORD - A Stamford plow driver says he is lucky to be alive after his truck was struck by a train Sunday morning.

It happened at the crossing at Riverbend Drive on the New Canaan branch.

The plow's driver, Anthony Pensiero, says he has been working the area for the last several years and says has he never had a problem plowing over the tracks until yesterday.

Pensiero owns a private snowplow company in Stamford and says he was working on a business driveway during the time of the crash.

Officials say the truck got stuck right before it was hit.

"I tried not to get into any panic mode but I kept continuing to put it in reverse," Pensiero says.

Pensiero says he was able to jump out of the truck just seconds before the train crashed into it.

Officials say there were no passengers on the train at the time of the crash.