NORWALK - Residents in Norwalk are on edge following two shootings last night on Roodner Court and Glasser Street.

Shots were fired into a car on Roodner Court at around 11 p.m. Less than a half-hour later, more shots were fired into a car and home on Glasser Street.

Police say there have been three shootings in the area this week. Investigators are trying to determine if the shootings are part of a series of retaliation.

Resident Ernie Reid, 74, who has been living on Glasser Street for 50 years, says that there was a time when the neighborhood was safe.

Overtime, Reid told News 12 that he began to fear for his safety and bought a gun to protect his household.

Police are boosting patrols in the area for the next few days during the evening and morning hours.

No one was hurt in any of the three shootings.

Anyone with information regarding any of the shootings is urged to call police.