MILFORD - Milford police say three teens were arrested Friday after one of them rammed into a police cruiser. 

According to investigators, the incident started when a neighbor reported a car was stolen from a home on West Avenue in Milford. They say a detective spotted the stolen vehicle on I-95 around 12 p.m. and followed it into the mall. 

Police say other units responded and then the driver of the stolen vehicle rammed into a police cruiser, an unmarked police cruiser and a security guard's vehicle. They say they arrested two of the teens outside of the Milford Mall and one across the street near an Old Navy.

" [Officers] had to weigh the seriousness of the crime with also making sure they weren't putting any of the general public at risk," Milford Police Officer Michael Devito says. 

Police say two officers were taken to the hospital for observation and the teens face multiple charges.