BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police are asking for emergency help after seven people were shot in two separate shootings on Monday.

Officials say two people were critically wounded in a shooting on Reservoir Avenue early in the evening. A few hours later, they say three more people were shot at the Greene Homes housing complex.

Police say they want a show of force on the streets, as the Park City saw nearly two dozen shooting victims in August.

"State police is short-term. It's a Band-Aid," says Rep. Chris Rosario. "But we're hoping that the Band-Aid will at least get some sort of healing going on."

Last summer, Mayor Joe Ganim was elected on a promise to clean up crime. Since then, he has named a new police chief, made some major drug and weapons seizures and sought to bring back community policing.

A new class of officer recruits will hit the streets soon as well.

Police say the number of murders are actually down over this time last year.