STRATFORD - Police believe they know the identity of the suspect in the attempted robbery of a Stratford convenience store, but they are still asking for the public's help in bringing the man, who injured a good Samaritan, to justice.

Surveillance video shows the gunman trying to rob Dolly's Express Deli on Boston Avenue at around 9 p.m. Saturday. Witnesses said the suspect walked into the store pointing a weapon and ordered customers to get down on the ground.

A quick-thinking customer then took matters into his own hands, hitting the would-be robber over the head with a glass beer bottle when the suspect wasn't looking. Next, the customer and a store clerk pinned the suspect to the ground, but the suspect managed to get away.

The would-be robber's weapon discharged, grazing the customer's shoulder during the struggle. The good Samaritan shopper was treated on the scene and wasn't seriously hurt.

Police said while they don't recommend getting involved, it happened to work out in this case.