BRIDGEPORT - The body of a young man was discovered in Lakeview Cemetery on the city?s east end around 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning, police say.

Officials say 21-year-old Jose Suarez suffered a fatal gunshot to the head.

The cemetery was under the surveillance of a private security guard until about 7:00 p.m. Friday night. Police blocked the entrance to the cemetery on Saturday while they pursued their investigation.

The murder is the fourth in five days in the city of Bridgeport. On Tuesday evening, two men were shot to death on the city's west side. Later that evening, an 18-year-old was stabbed to death less than a mile away.

A vigil was held Saturday night on the corner of Noble Avenue and Stillman Street. Family and friends mourned Suarez and say he will be greatly missed.

Anyone with information about the murder is asked to call Bridgeport Police at 203-581-5201.