STAMFORD - Police say a Bridgeport man and two people from Ansonia are facing heroin charges after they were discovered with the drug during a routine traffic stop.

Two of the suspects, Rafael Cruz and Alfred Smart, were in court Friday facing class-A felonies of possession with intent to sell and conspiracy.

Smart's girlfriend, Ariane Rey, was released on her own recognizance. Police say her record is clean.

Police say all three suspects were in a gray Ford Thursday night when they were pulled over for running a stop sign on Schyler Avenue in Stamford. They say a police lieutenant who was on DUI patrol pulled them over, and noticed that they appeared nervous.

Police say a drug-sniffing dog led them to one of the suspect's bags, which contained 350 envelopes of heroin.

Stamford police say there's been an increase recently in the number of people bringing in heroin from New York City.