BRIDGEPORT - Police say a 65-year-old Bridgeport man was arrested for repeatedly calling 911 this year, including three times on Sunday.

When responders arrived at his home on Queen Street, they say he confessed he called them because he was lonely.

"I just get lonely, and I just wanted them to come over and sit with me for awhile," said Raymond Roberge, who police say has made 79 calls to 911 since the start of the year. Police say they take the issue seriously, as his calls take responders and personnel away from actual emergencies.

Roberge's friends say he has been dealing with rough times since his wife passed away not that long ago, and he longs for companionship. Upon learning how many times he's dialed 911, Roberge vowed he wouldn't call again and his friends said they would help him out more.