BRIDGEPORT - Police say a Bridgeport store owner fired shots at two armed robbers on Wednesday night.

The attempted robbery happened at Beechmont Mini-Mart, where owner Mohamed Yasir says he was closing up shop at 8:45 p.m. when two men demanded money from him at gunpoint.

Yasir says he reached for his gun and fired in their direction, causing them to flee. The two suspects fired back at him, but no one was hurt.

Police say that Yasir was within his rights, as is anyone if they feel they're in, "A situation where you feel that your life is in imminent danger."

The owner says his store has been robbed at gunpoint eight times in a 25-year span, and that he has shot would-be assailants two times.

Police say in both of those situations, Yasir acted within the law.

Bridgeport police are currently examining surveillance video of the robbery, and hope to release it to the public soon.