GREENWICH - State police say a driver led officers on a 26-mile chase on I-95 and ended after hitting a police car in Greenwich.

Officials say the trooper wasn't in the cruiser at the time of the crash but was standing next to it and jumped over the highway median to avoid getting hit.

Police say the chase started Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m.

They say police officers from White Plains, New York, were chasing a tow truck, driven by Jheison Callecastro, believed to be involved in a pedestrian hit-and-run.

Connecticut state police say they picked up the chase on I-95 northbound at Exit 3.

News 12 is told they followed the tow truck to Norwalk, where Callecastro then turned around and started heading southbound.

Police say they deployed stop sticks twice to slow the truck down. They say they had a third set out at Exit 3 in Greenwich with cruisers parked on either side.

Police say that's when Callecastro intentionally crashed into one of the cruisers and the tow truck caught fire.

Officers were able to pull the driver out of the truck.

Callecastro is facing a number of charges, including attempted assault on a police officer, attempted assault with a motor vehicle, reckless driving and driving while intoxicated.