FAIRFIELD - A Bridgeport cab driver and convicted felon was being held on $50,000 bond Monday evening after police say they found a gun and drugs inside his cab.

Fairfield police say 39-year-old Albrent Daniels was pulled over in his Yellow Cab Company car after he was spotted talking on the phone.

An officer says he could smell marijuana in the vehicle as he was approaching it. Police say a shell casing and handgun were then found under the seat of the cab.

Authorities say Daniels was previously involved in a high-profile murder case. According to police, Daniels provided a gun to convicted murderer Russell Peeler, who used the weapon to kill a woman and her son in 1998.

Daniels is facing a number of charges and was placed on suicide watch. News 12 reached out to the Yellow Cab Company, but the company would not comment about Daniels.