BRIDGEPORT - State police continued gathering evidence along Route 8 in Trumbull in an effort to locate the driver who struck and killed an East Norwalk man Tuesday night.

Police say John Burr, 50, was driving southbound on Route 8 with his wife just before 10 p.m. when an item fell out of his pickup truck onto the roadway. Burr pulled over at the side of road and attempted to retrieve that item. That is when, police say, another driver struck Burr and fled, most likely taking exit 7.

Officials believe Burr's death was a result of a tragic accident on a dark highway, but because the person responsible fled the scene, they say it is a serious crime.

Police say the car, which is believed to be a red sedan, has significant front-end damage and is missing a right side mirror.

Officials are asking anyone with information about the accident on Route 8 to contact them at 203-696-2500.