MILFORD - Milford police are investigating two recent incidents of stranger danger involving two different age groups of children on the city's east side.

The first suspicious encounter took place Friday on Beach Avenue. Police say three Foran High School girls reported a man in a car made a sexual comment to them.

They say the second incident happened last night when a man in a car drove up to a house on Baxter Lane and asked a fourth-grade girl playing in the yard to come into his car. Police say the girl said no and immediately told her father. The car left.

Police say they are looking for a white male with dark hair and possibly facial hair. Witnesses say he was driving a light blue four-door car. Police say they are actively looking for the man but have no leads.

Police have now increased their patrols in these neighborhoods and at some area schools like Orchard Hills Elementary. Police have also sent out emails to parents to make them aware of the situation, suggesting that children stay in groups, don't approach cars and notify a trusting adult as soon as possible.