NORWALK - State police issued a warning Wednesday saying they are going to hold the people who are posing as clowns online and making threats responsible.  

State police in Bridgeport say they are taking the threats very seriously. 

They say at least six people in Connecticut have been taken into custody in connection to the threats, though they say none of the threats have been acted on. 

State police say these investigations take a lot of troopers and a lot of time. They say they have ways to track down those who make threats online, and they will be held responsible.

On Tuesday, similar threats were made in Stamford. The Stamford school district sent out a robocall to parents letting them know that police were investigating.

Two high schools in Bridgeport were also in lockouts Tuesday after a reported sighting.

State police say even if it turns out to be a prank, perpetrators can still face serious consequences.  

Some school districts say they have banned or asked students not to dress up as clowns this Halloween.