NORWALK - An elderly man is being evaluated at the Norwalk Hospital after he allegedly threatened two Hocon gas employees with a gun outside his home Tuesday, police say.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Andre Velez says the two utility workers heard an 87-year-old man say he was going to retrieve a gun and remove them from the property. A few minutes later, the man allegedly came out of his house carrying a long shotgun, prompting the Hocon employees to call the police.

Velez says the suspect had put the gun back inside the house just before police officers arrived, and they immediately began a search of what they say was a completely cluttered home.

"You have items stacked from the floor to the ceiling, with a narrow path in between all of these items and a thick layer of dust," Velez says. "So obviously he hasn't removed anything."

Inside, police say they found and seized a large number of firearms and ammunition.

According to Velez, police reported the man was disoriented and did not seem to understand what was going on around him.

"In a state of mind like that, it's very difficult to make an assessment that he might have had any criminal intent," Velez says.

Police say the man will be evaluated for at least 72 hours at Norwalk Hospital. So far, no charges have been filed against him.