EASTON - Easton police say a Bridgeport man faces animal cruelty charges for dumping a dog in town.

Investigators say Stergios Vasiliou was supposed to care of an 11-year-old pit bull after a divorce from his wife.

Police say Vasiliou told the woman in June that he dumped the dog in Easton or New Milford and that she would never be able to find it.

News 12 was told someone walking on Old Sow Road in Easton spotted the dog outside of an abandoned home a few days later.

Officers say the dog had a limp and appeared to be scared.

"The dog seemed a little skittish, but when they brought the family down to reunite them with the dog, the dog perked up and wagged its tail and was happy to see them," Easton Police Sgt. Will Spencer says.

Vasiliou turned himself in to police Wednesday. He posted a $2,500 bail and has a court date set for Sept. 29.

Police say the dog was reunited with the rest of its family.