MILFORD - Milford police are seeking to reassure local business owners that they're doing all they can to stop crime in the area after a violent robbery attempt last weekend.

As News 12 has reported, two people were shot, including a would-be robber, in Milford Saturday night.

An annual question-and-answer session was held at Milford police headquarters today and the incident was discussed. Several local merchants attended the informational session.

Police say such shootings are rare in the area. They also used the time to update local business owners on other issues, such as liquor laws.

Merchants who attended the meeting seemed satisfied. "We've been very encouraged by the safety of Milford during our time on the green so I don't think the chief had to call this meeting, but I'm glad that he did," said Ken Martin, owner of Colony Grill.

Police say the would-be robber, who was shot by an alleged victim, remains in serious condition in the hospital and is facing several charges.