WOLCOTT - A missing Wolcott man whose car turned up in Stamford may have fled intentionally, police say.

Friends and family members say they last saw Scott Basile, 23, on Jan. 2. Police say surveillance video shows him alive at a New York City toll booth on Jan. 5, and investigators found his car crashed in Stamford the next day.

But surveillance video from the Stamford scene shows someone else driving the car. Police say they believe Basile met someone in Stamford who drove him to Port Chester, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Chief Edward Stephens from the Wolcott Police Department says multiple sources have led investigators to believe Basile may have disappeared on purpose.

Police say Basile is wanted in Waterbury in connection with arson and allegedly manufacturing bombs. They accuse him of setting fire to Fratelli's Pizza seven times in December after a dispute about an order.

Family members say they were unaware of those charges until Friday.

Basile’s mother, Jeanne Basile, says she believes he is still alive.