FAIRFIELD - Fairfield police say a Bridgeport woman is facing charges after leaving her infant son alone in a car.

Police say 18-year-old Veronica Bartesaghi left her 7-month-old in a minivan with the air conditioner on and the doors unlocked Tuesday morning.

Officials say the incident happened in front of the Stop and Shop on Villa Avenue.

They say Bartesaghi only has a learner's permit.

"If you see a child or a pet in a vehicle when it’s hot or in a vehicle unattended, the message is to call police so that we can respond and investigate those incidents," says Lt. Robert Kalamaras.

Officials say the state Department of Children and Families is investigating.

Police have charged Bartesaghi with leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle and driving without a license. She is due in court on Tuesday.