NORWALK - Norwalk police say a woman was arrested for allegedly helping run a "drug factory" out of a rented condominium.

Officials arrested 21-year-old Hilary Guillen during a traffic stop Saturday following an investigation. Police say Guillen had 60 bags of heroin in her pants at the time of her arrest.

They say she was running the heroin ring with her boyfriend, Sylvester Edwards, who was arrested earlier this month. Police say Guillen was continuing the heroin ring while Edwards was in jail.

Police say hours of surveillance on Guillen led them to determine she and Edwards had a "stash house" in the Rowayton Woods condominium complex.

News 12 is told nearly 671 bags of heroin, more than 7,000 empty bags ready to be filled and 49 grams of heroin powder were found during a raid of the home Saturday morning. Police say that when processed, the powder could have filled more than 3,000 individual bags for street sale.

Guillen is facing several charges, including drug possession and intent to sell. Police say they will pursue charges against Edwards as a result of the stash house raid.

Police say it appears the condo owner had no idea the couple had rented out the room for illegal activity.

News 12 is told the investigation was conducted jointly by Norwalk's Special Services Division and the State Police Narcotics Taskforce.