BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police say they're investigating a second home on Noble Avenue in an effort to solve a missing persons case.

William Carter told News 12 he was kept out of his apartment for five hours as police searched it for evidence. Police say they are looking for clues that could lead them to a person who has been missing since September 2013.

"At this point, we are pursuing leads and we have credible information that we're pursuing," said Bridgeport Police Officer Bill Kempffer.

Police initially focused their efforts on a Noble Avenue garage. They say clues there led them about a mile down the street to Carter's kitchen.

Carter says he saw investigators collecting evidence only from his floor. About five hours later, they left his building with sealed bags. He says he has no idea how his apartment could be connected to someone's disappearance, but he's cooperating with the authorities and hopes it all gets resolved for the sake of the neighborhood.

Carter says he moved in about a year ago, but like most people, only learned about the investigation this week.