BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police released new information Wednesday in a sexual assault case involving a Sacred Heart University student.

The suspect, Alfonso Reid, was arrested after police say he left Golden Star Café in Bridgeport with a 19-year-old student last week and sexually assaulted her.

Police say Reid offered the victim and her two friends a ride to their dorms, but only dropped off her friends.

Police say they are still investigating how the victim ended up at Reid's house but say it was against her will.

While details continue to emerge in the case, the university says its campus is trying to stay strong.

"I feel sorry for her family, I feel sorry for her and I just want to say that we are behind her 100 percent in helping her deal with anything that comes to light," says Cory Robinson, a sophomore at Sacred Heart University. 

Police raided Golden Star Café Tuesday to check for underage drinking. Officials say they cited 85 students for underage drinking and issued citations against the bar.

The university released a statement Wednesday saying they do not condone underage drinking and have initiatives in place for that issue as well.