STAMFORD - Stamford police say a resident who has garnered a reputation as the city's most violent woman was accused Thursday of leading a drug ring.

Authorities say Amonda Mendez, 24, carried out her operation in a ground-floor apartment complex on Lawn Avenue. They say Mendez worked with a partner, Shanita Newton, selling several drugs, including heroin, morphine and cocaine. The ring allegedly operated from three locations in Bridgeport.

Police say they've been watching Mendez since January, and the federal investigation led to a drug bust that has resulted in the arrests of more than a dozen people.

Mendez was arrested in May in connection with a shooting on Lawn Avenue. A federal wiretap investigation and surveillance implicated Mendez and several others on drug charges.

"She had a very heavy violent reputation out there. We believe her to be our most violent female in the city at that time," says Capt. Rich Conklin.

Police say Mendez is being held in federal prison without bond.