BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police say they're looking for the person who broke into a disabled man's home and stole his wheelchair.

Steve Rayho and his fiance, John Nickens, say the former's wheelchair cost around $800. A recent move left them without money to buy a new one.

Police say a thief broke into a bedroom window and stole the wheelchair along with a Sony PlayStation and other items.

Rayho, who is a nurse, says he became disabled more than two years ago when he took a bad fall that required the amputation of his leg. Since then, he says the wheelchair has been an essential part of his life. He says it becomes painful to walk on his prosthetic leg after several hours, so he prefers to use the wheelchair to get around his home.

"If somebody took clothing or food or even some material object…to go and pawn or whatever, fine," Rayho says. "But to take somebody's wheelchair? I mean, that's pretty low."