WILTON - A Wilton teenager is allegedly responsible for posting images of swastikas and pictures of Adolf Hitler on a Facebook group for Jews.

School Superintendent Gary Richards says the Nazi images were uploaded to the group "Jews of Facebook? by a 16-year-old Wilton High School student. The images have since been removed.

While the messages were posted off school property, school officials are working with the teenager, whose name has not been released, and his family.

?The family has been cooperative,? Richards says. ?They are deeply embarrassed [by] this incident.?

The administration of the school found out about the presence of the anti-Semitic images on the Web page from a Maryland resident, who spotted them online and traced them back to the Wilton teen.

David Waren, executive director for the Anti-Defamation League, says he's seeing a significant increase in cyber-bullying among people because of the ease with which it can be done. And unless a specific person is targeted or threatened, police cannot prosecute the bullies.

?Wilton has done in our experience a good job both when responding when these incidents occur, and taking pro-active steps,? Waren says.

School leaders say they intend to work with the ADL to address racism and bigotry not only in Wilton High School, but also in the greater community.