MILFORD - Milford police are looking for three men they say robbed a group of teens at gunpoint yesterday.

Police say the crime happened at a party thrown at the Red Roof Inn on Rowe Avenue. 

According to authorities, the teens asked a group of uninvited men to leave the party.  The party crashers, however, returned with guns and attacked two of the young men and stole money from the partygoers.

Police say there were three suspects. One suspect is described as being 6'-6'2" tall, with braided hair and a scar or light discoloration on their upper left cheek bone. The second suspect is said to be 5'10"-6' tall, wearing a white shirt and a tan thermal shirt around his neck. The third suspect is said to have been wearing a green T-shirt and blue hat, with multiple tattoos on both forearms.

Both teens were taken to the hospital and are expected to be OK.  Police say they are still investigating whether the suspects knew anyone at the party.