NORWALK - State police announced they are increasing patrols on local highways after two accidents claimed the lives of two drivers and impeded traffic for hours this week.

The officers will be looking for drivers who surpass required speed limits as well as those on their phones.

"We've really got to send the message out there that we need people to obey the rules of the road," says Norwalk Sen. Bob Duff.

Experts say more police presence means safer roads. Residents agree, saying that extra police on the roads serve as a scare tactic that forces drivers to obey traffic rules.

A 2013 crackdown in Hartford resulted in a 57 percent drop in cellphone violations behind the wheel.

Another study even suggests cars come equipped with software that prevents drivers from using their phones except in an emergency.

Eric Jackson, of the Transportation Research Center, says drivers will still be tempted to use their phones because they are drawn to them.