BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police are investigating if the apparent suicide of a Stratford man is related to the gruesome discovery of a dismembered body in a marshy area Monday afternoon.

Officials say they came to the home of Marcus Jackson, 36, of Stratford, yesterday to question him about the disappearance of Minnie Lincoln, 57, after officials found a dismembered body in a Stratford marsh.

Police say they came to question him, but that Jackson shot and killed himself as officers were knocking on his door.

Officials say Jackson was the last person seen with Lincoln, who went missing last month. They say that they spent hours looking at surveillance video that was crucial to leading them to the crime scene.

Lincoln's family members say that she knew Jackson because she worked at the Old Timers Club, which he owned.

An autopsy is being done on the body parts to see if they belong to Lincoln. Police say they are working with the medical examiner to identify the body.