STAMFORD - Stamford police Thursday are trying to piece together the few clues they have from a shooting that sent two men to the hospital.

Police say the shooting occurred Wednesday night on Colahan Street outside the Vidal Court housing complex. According to investigators, a fight broke out between six to eight men. Area witnesses say they heard four shots fired.

Two men were sent to the hospital, one with a gunshot wound to the leg and another with serious head and face injuries.

Authorities say they often rely on eyewitness accounts to solve similar cases. However, police say many residents are afraid to come forward for fear of retaliation. Stamford Police Lt. John Forlivio says the ?no snitching rule? is hurting residents.

? ? I will share with you from ? a police report from last night: ?Two black females about 10 years old ran into this store for safety.? To me that says why people should call,? Forlivio says.

Anyone with information about the incident should call (203) 977-4444.