BRIDGEPORT - Representatives of the Bridgeport Police Union say they won?t sit back as Mayor Bill Finch cuts 10 administrative positions.

The mayor?s office began notifying some employees of the pending layoffs Tuesday. They were told their last day of work would be Oct. 24. The layoffs are part of 31 total announced job cuts designed to save the city approximately $2 million.

Although Finch says the police cuts won?t affect public safety, the police union disagrees.

?Any officers that get laid off will affect public safety, contrary to what the city administration says,? says Bridgeport Police Union President Frank Cuccaro.

Cuccaro expressed specific concerns about the safety of Bridgeport?s 64 parks. Mayor Finch has said that all five park police officers are being laid off.

The Bridgeport Police Union has also said that the layoffs are affecting morale among the officers in the community.

?I feel bad for the citizens of Bridgeport because we don't even want to come to work anymore,? Cuccaro says. ?We don't even want to be here. If you're looking for a job in law enforcement, don't come here."

31city jobs cut to balance Bridgeport budget