FAIRFIELD - Shoppers at the Whole Foods store in Fairfield say they are still in disbelief after a violent workplace issue turned into a foot pursuit on I-95 earlier today. Police say employee Tyron Manns-Riddick, 21, was screaming and overturning merchandise at the store on Grasmere Avenue. They say the dispute erupted over a scheduling conflict, and that he reportedly threatened managers as he left. Officers approached him as he entered the parking lot, but he fled the scene. They say they located him on the highway, but he resisted arrest and was subdued with a Taser. "We are thankful that they were able to get him out of the store, but at the same time, we would have obviously preferred if he cooperated," Fairfield Police Chief Gary McNamara says. A spokesman for Whole Foods says safety for customers and employees is one of the company's key priorities.