FAIRFIELD - Police are applauding a pizzeria manager's actions today after he called to report a woman who was allegedly driving drunk with two young girls in the car Wednesday night.

Dennis Ruocco, of Frank Pepe Pizza, says 47-year-old Leslie Dmowski was loud and vulgar when she brought the 11- and 13-year-old girls in for a slice of pizza. Ruocco says he became concerned about Dmowski getting back in the car with the two girls and called police.

Officials say Ruocco wasn't the only one to report Dmowski's actions. Earlier, police received a call from Cumberland Farms, where Dmowski apparently stopped for gasoline.

Dmowski is a neighbor of the two young girls, according to police. Officials say the girls' mother thought they were going next door for pizza and wasn't aware Dmowski took them somewhere else.

Fairfield police say Dmowski failed field sobriety tests after leaving the pizzeria and was uncooperative.

Dmowski is due in court next Thursday.