HAMDEN - A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows Democrat Richard Blumenthal's lead over Republican Linda McMahon in the U.S. Senate race is shrinking.

The poll released today is favoring Blumenthal over McMahon among likely voters in the general election 51 percent to 45 percent with a 3-percent margin of error.

In a previous poll last month, Blumenthal's lead was 10 points ahead of his GOP challenger.

Doug Schwartz, of Quinnipiac University, says the results are surprising because Blumenthal has been a popular attorney general for many years.

Some local voters say the shrinking gap may be due to McMahon's high-visibility campaign.

While McMahon is vying to become Connecticut's first female senator, Schwartz says she's currently losing the female vote to Blumenthal by 15 points because of her professional wresting background.