FAIRFIELD - First came the snow, then came the potholes in southwestern Connecticut, forcing drivers to shell out thousands of dollars on auto repairs.

Chris Frese says it's only January, and her Nissan has already made two trips to Fairfield Tire and Auto Shop after the first replacement tire fell victim to the very same sink hole.

Few view pothole damage quite the same way as auto repairman Adam Docimo, who has seen everything, from cracked rims to snapped suspensions.

"Now that the weather is so harsh, it's making the cars break and making them break faster," he says.

Auto shop owners, however, have no complaints. They say the more snow piles up, the busier they will be.

Some communities, like Bridgeport, have sent out pothole patrols in between storms and have gone through five tons of Cold Patch, a mix used to make road repairs.