STAMFORD - News 12 Connecticut spoke to an expert for some tips on how to get organized for school.

For many, it's only a matter of time before an avalanche of homework and papers start piling up at home. Stamford-based professional organizer Matt Baier says it's important to put a system and some simple tools in place this time of year before your primary workspace spirals into chaos and clutter.

Baier says most of us have limited workspace in our homes, so mobility is important. He recommends setting up containers and files that you can easily place around you while you work, and then put away when you're finished.

Kids' artwork should be put in a large file after hanging on the wall for awhile.

When it comes to your home's entryway, Baier's rule is "reveal, don't conceal." He says backpacks, cellphones and the family calendar are the last things you should see on your way out the door.

Baier says thinking about what you truly need is more important than any of the systems and tools. He says if you figure out what's essential and what's not, you will be well on your way.