BRIDGEPORT - The son of a missing Easton couple appeared in federal court today on a gun charge that stems from a search of his home.

Although Kyle Navin has not been charged in his parents’ disappearance, prosecutors say that new evidence would "very strongly suggest that the defendant killed his parents."

In spite of that, legal experts say they don't expect to see murder charges for weeks or months.

Defense attorney Michael Fitzpatrick says police first must find physical evidence connecting Navin to the bodies.

"It's not enough for a prosecutor to argue to a jury, ‘There's no other likely suspect,’" Fitzpatrick says.

He also says that the fact that Navin has been denied bond means police do suspect him in the crime. The judge ruled Navin is a flight risk and danger to the community and ordered him to remain behind bars.

Navin has been in federal custody since Sept. 8 on the gun charge.

Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin have been missing since early August.

An overnight Thursday search connected to that case turned up what police say are the remains of two people.

Fitzpatrick says that if the bodies have been outside in the elements for almost three months, it could make forensic testing more difficult.