NORWALK - Protesters and members of the media traveled to the homes of AIG executives who reside in southwestern Connecticut Saturday to demand the executives give back their bonuses.

According to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, initial estimates of how much money AIG doled out in bonuses fell short of the truth. Blumenthal claims documents show more than $218 million in bonuses were paid out last weekend, $53 million of which came directly from taxpayers.

Residents and members of the media traveled to AIG executives? homes to criticize the use of taxpayer money for bonuses while many working class families are struggling to keep their homes and make ends meet.

According to one organizer, Fairfield County is ?ground zero? of the crisis.

?In many ways, this is where the executives live and this is where some of the people who are hit the hardest live, too,? one organizer says.

According to reports, some AIG executives have already given back their bonuses.