NORWALK - Some Norwalk residents say they are concerned that a new settlement agreement between the city and AI Madany Islamic Center may put a mosque in their neighborhood.

The two-year legal battle over the mosque could be one step closer to being resolved at a public hearing taking place Thursday night.

Some neighbors say they opposed of the building of the mosque since the beginning.

News 12 Connecticut has been told that neighbors have been receiving postcards in the mail encouraging them to defend their neighborhood and speak out at Thursday's public hearing.

One neighbor says that they are opposed of the structure being built, not because of religious reasons but, because it will be too large and cause too much traffic.

Peter Vigeland, Attorney for the AI Madany Islamic Center, says the organization sued the city in 2012 after the zoning commission rejected their plan to build on Fillow Street. He says the commission said the structure was too large and there wouldn't be enough parking spaces.

Norwalk attorney Joe Williams says the settlement agreement states the new plans will not only downsize the building, but also increase parking by 50 percent.

The public hearing will be held Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Norwalk Concert Hall.

News 12 is told that after people have the chance to speak out, the zoning commission could vote on the issue.

City officials say if the settlement agreement is approved, then the Common Council will vote on the agreement's monetary components next week. However, if it is not approved, both sides will go back to litigation.