FAIRFIELD - Connecticut lawmakers are working to repeal the death penalty for the second time, but a recent poll shows 67 percent of state residents are still in favor of capital punishment.

Some say the only way to guarantee people are kept safe from certain convicted murderers is through capital punishment. Others, however, say the "eye for an eye" mentality is outdated.

Eleven convicted murderers are awaiting death by lethal injection in Connecticut, but their punishment is now under scrutiny.

"There are some crimes that are so heinous where you aren't warranted a second chance," says state Sen. John McKinney (R-Fairfield).

Many state politicians reference the 2007 Cheshire murders as an example. One woman and two teenage girls were raped and brutally murdered at the hands of Joshua Komarsajevsky and Stephen Hayes during a home invasion.

If the death penalty is repealed and replaced with a life sentence, it will only affect crimes committed after the new legislation comes into law.