BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport building manager used some quick thinking and a bang to save an apartment complex from going up in flames Friday.

The fire broke out when building manager Rocco Guarnieri was behind the wheel of a snowplow in a parking lot underneath the Dean Place building. He says he was trying to clear the snow when the snowplow caught fire and then stopped moving. Guarnieri was unable to extinguish the fire so he had to come up with another solution.

?My fear was the building was going to catch on fire with people inside,? Guarnieri says. To prevent that from happening, he took a truck he had at the apartment complex and rammed it into the flaming snowplow.

Some residents are calling Guarnieri a hero for saving the building from the flames. However, the building manager says anyone would have done the same thing and he?s just glad no one was hurt.