REDDING - There was flash flooding in Redding yesterday after parts of the town got more than 6 inches of rain in less than an hour.

The rain caused a stream leading from the Saugatuck River to overflow.

Residents say the downpour caught them off guard, and they were slammed by ankle-deep puddles in some areas of the town.

Many neighbors spent today doing upkeep on their homes and businesses after minor damage was inflicted by the unexpected torrential downpours.

Residents say they are blaming the drainage system for the surprise floods due to the fact that they are clogged and therefore unable to effectively catch water.

Crews were also around the town, trimming back branches to ensure that no further outages occur.

Town officials say Redding is prone to flooding due to the area being in a federally designated flood zone. They also say that the catch basins have nothing to do with the flooding.

Residents have been in contact with First Selectwoman Natalie Kethcham's office in an attempt to organize a town meeting to discuss an upgrade to the drainage system. 

For extended flooding footage, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.