BRIDGEPORT - A woman was arraigned in Bridgeport this morning for allegedly stealing an urn that held her child's ashes.

Police say Raisa Gonzales, 21, and the child's father, Edward Santos, had stolen an urn containing the ashes of their 8-month-old son from Luz de Paz funeral home in Bridgeport earlier this year.

Officers say a surveillance video shows Gonzales and Santos taking the urn and running from the scene.

Court records obtained by News 12 Connecticut Wednesday say Santos has also been arrested in the case, but is free on a $500 bond.

Gonzales had been on the run until she was arrested on unrelated charges at the Mohegan Sun Casino last week.

A spokesman for Luz de Paz Funeral Home says he had actually waived the $800 balance the couple owed, but because they came into the funeral home and removed the ashes without speaking with him, he was obligated under state health regulations to report the incident to police.

Police say the couple's child died in Puerto Rico and was sent to Bridgeport to be cremated.

Both Gonzales and Santos are due back in court next month.