REDDING - Redding community leaders made several house calls today to help residents still homebound from last weekend's storm. Redding First Selectwoman Natalie Ketcham and Police Chief Doug Fuchs compiled a list of senior citizens and others unable to leave their homes, offering them water and pre-made meals. One resident, 82-year-old Jean Holland, said the roads near her home can?t be navigated, and she does not want to leave her cats alone. "The roads got impassable to where my daughter couldn't get in, and that is the reason I couldn't leave because of my kittens," she said. Connecticut Light and Power officials say they expect to have most Redding homes back online by midnight Sunday. Residents in need of immediate assistance are urged to call Redding police at 203-938-3400.Early storm leaves thousands without power in southwestern CTStorm Resource LinksWeather CenterTraffic and Weather