REDDING - A mother is hailing her 11-year-old triplet sons as heroes Friday and says they saved her life after she had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic pill.

Theresa Bairasktaris says when she took the pill on Jan. 15, she could tell something was wrong instantly.

?I was trying to gasp for breath and I remember saying ?something?s happening to me, call daddy? and I passed out then,? says Bairasktaris.

Bairasktaris? three boys say they ran into the kitchen and called 911.

Bairasktaris says she later learned she had an adverse reaction to the new medication and suffered from congestive heart failure.

Officials say the situation could have ended up much worse had her sons not acted so quickly.

?They could have been 50. The way they acted. They just acted so fast, I am really blessed with three angels that I know are going to take care of me,? says Bairasktaris.

Bairasktaris recovered in Danbury Hospital for four days and says she is feeling fine now and plans to thank the boys by taking them to a special dinner this weekend.