NORWALK - Gov. Jodi Rell is considering a bill already passed by lawmakers that would ban sonograms performed without a doctor's approval.

State lawmakers say the bill would close down so-called designer ultrasound boutiques, which offer three-dimensional sonograms for expecting women to show their families. According to state officials, though there is no conclusive evidence that sonograms harm the baby or mother, they should not be conducted for entertainment purposes if they could pose a potential risk.

Dr. Edward Strauss, vice chairman of radiology at Norwalk Hospital, says there is no known risk to having a sonogram performed outside of a doctor's office, but he would not recommend it.

"My concern about having it done in a non-medical facility is that there can be things wrong," Strauss says. "It's not a substitute for a medical exam."

Rell has until Thursday to sign the bill, which would ban ultrasounds without doctor approval. If signed, the law will go into effect July 1.