NORWALK - On the heels of a recent security breach at a New York bank, Gov. Jodi Rell ordered state consumer protection officials to subpoena two more area banks.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced Wednesday that People?s United Bank had given Bank of New York Mellon a tape with customer data, such as Social Security numbers, names and addresses. The tape was to be used for a possible investment opportunity. However, Blumenthal says in February, Bank of New York Mellon lost the tape. Officials say information from Wachovia and Webster Bank customers was also included on that tape.

The loss of information raises concerns for more than four million people. Now, many are wondering what they can do protect themselves from identity theft.

Experts say customers should monitor their credit reports on a yearly basis. According to Jeff Helfand, an identity theft consultant, offers free reports from all three credit bureaus once a year. Helfand also suggests signing up for a monitoring service if you think you?ve been a victim of identity theft.

NYbank loses tape with info on Connecticut residents