HARTFORD - Gov. Jodi Rell delivered a rare address to Connecticut taxpayers Monday night about a budget plan that includes deep cuts to state services.

Rell says her new budget will not raise taxes and will make state government more efficient and less expensive.

Given job losses and the worsening economy, the Republican governor says Connecticut taxpayers can't afford additional taxes. She adds that the cuts are necessary during these hard times.

?My budget does what your family does, pays for things we must have and sets aside things that are nice to have but we can not afford to pay for,? says Rell.

Rell?s five-minute address from the governor's residence comes two days before she unveils a two-year tax and spending plan that attempts to address the state's growing budget deficit problems.

The next two fiscal years, beginning June 30, are projected to be $6 to $8 billion in the red. The current fiscal year is $1.1 billion in deficit.